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People are increasingly concerned about the health of the planet. . . . But, What About Individual Human Health? Your Health and the Health of Your Family? Medical researchers have been learning more and more about the risks that environmental chemicals  & indoor air pollution pose in everyday life for people.

Health risks like cancer, joint pain and arthritis, heart disease, migraines, or Parkinson's disease in adults. Behavior problems, asthma, and cancer in children. The chemicals include pesticides, herbicides, volatile organic chemicals from home furnishings, carpet, and cleaning products, chemical treatments of clothing. . . These all affect health in bad ways. Changing to organic clothing, bedding, and foods, and getting pesticides and VOCs out of your indoor air will help a lot to lower your risks of developing chemical sensitivities or worse.

What Can You Do About It? Tell us what you want to know about going green for your health in the survey box below. Once you tell us your most burning question, we'll rush you a link for a FREE download of our "Green Health Tips" Special Report. . . my single most important question about green health. .

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