Just when you thought youd heard it all regarding alternative health products, people are now using health magnets. Magnets? How can they help us? The theory is that all life, animal and human responds to the magnetic field of the earth. While proponents do not claim that magnet use alone cures or remedies anything, they do believe that magnetic therapy enhances the bodys ability to repair itself. Magnets have been used for centuries, and the oldest known use was in Africa. Magnetite was mined, ground up and used in a number of potions, foods, and topical preparations. Ancient Greeks, Arabs, Indians, Chinese, and Egyptian civilizations also used magnets for health.

Today people use magnet therapy mainly for arthritis and other types of chronic pain. There is quite a bit of attractive magnetic jewelry on the market, bracelets, and necklaces being the most common. You can also create your own by taking the magnets to a jeweler to be drilled and add other beads or stones to make a custom piece. People who wear magnetic jewelry claim that it helps tremendously. While physicians sometimes use magnet therapy to aid in healing broken bones, most believe that more research needs to be done to substantiate the many claims made by users of magnets. People who suffer from generalized pain use mattress pads that have magnets incorporated into their design. The people who use them claim that they aid in chronic pain relief, insomnia, fatigue, and even allergies and respiratory problems. This has not been proven, but it can do no harm to try them.

One caution though, people with pacemakers or implanted insulin pumps should not use magnetic therapy. Magnet use during pregnancy should also be avoided. We have all probably seen late commercials for magnetic insoles. They claim to help with foot, back, and knee problems. They are not terribly expensive, comparable to orthotic inserts in price. According to the ads, you will have boundless energy when wearing these insoles. OK, I admit it. I tried them.

They sent a free pair to the office where I was working, and no one wanted them. I have a bad knee, so I figured I had nothing to lose. They were comfortable, but I did not notice a significant difference in my pain. Im sure there are lots of people who will say they helped tremendously. I hope they did, but I can only speak for my own experience. In short, health magnets may have some benefits. You have to be the judge in your own circumstances. The good news is that it will not hurt to try it.

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